Workshop done! Time to play.

I finished up the electrical wiring in the workshop today. I buried a cable between here and the house, and installed overhead lights, four indoor outlets (one GFCI!), and an outdoor outlet.

This sure beats the extension-cord-and-power-strip solution I had earlier. Plus, the overhead lights with CFLs are much better (and more effiicient) than the halogen worklight I had hanging on the wall.

Here's some pics, I've got two from Before and several After. If the PictoBrowser widget isn't working, you can view the set on Flickr

Get the flash player here:

The computer under the workbench is a Shuttle case with a Celeron and 1GB Ram, running CentOS. I need to get a wireless router I can use as a gateway for it and any other ethernet-aware devices I bring in.

I'm excited to have a good place to work. For my first project, I'm going to assemble a Robot Arm and hook it up to my Arduino controler.

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Posted in Making
on February 13, 2010