R.I.P. Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Clock

Two weeks ago, I got an exciting email from Think Geek. The Flying Alarm Clock I had set an alert for was in stock! I promptly ordered one.

I've always had a problem getting up in the morning. I've tried all kinds of tricks. I'm perfectly capable of sleepwalking across the room to turn off my alarm and not remembering it hours later. With a flying alarm clock, I would have to find the little helicopter. Hopefully, that would be enough to wake me up.

The first morning, it worked Great. I set my normal alarm to 7:00 AM and set the flying alarm across the room to go off at 7:05. I hit the snooze on the normal phone like I normally do, then went promptly back to sleep. A few minutes later, the motor on the flying clock started to spin up, accompanied by a horrible siren sound. I bolted up, realizing what was about to happen. The helicopter attachment flew off as I got out of bed. I started looking for it, and found it ten minutes later, behind a shoe under the bed.

The next week was great. Several days, I even woke up before either alarm. It was like a switch flipped somewhere deep in mybrain -- I was now a morning person. Why did I even need a flying alarm clock?!

But I kept setting it. The knowledge that, if I did oversleep, I would be tortured by that horrible siren until I got up and found that little plastic helicopter was a safety blanket.

Until yesterday. For some reason, my Flying Alarm Clock decided to go off every hour, on the hour. Ugh. I tried everything I knew to do. I read the whole page (yep, one whole page) of instructions that came with the clock. I took out the batteries for awhile and put them back. Nothing worked. I gave up, removed the batteries for good, and set my old clock across the room.

Today, I'm going to call ThinkGeek and see if I can return my disobedient flying clocl. It was a great idea, but the execution was pretty bad. Maybe I'll clean my room a bit and get Clocky

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Posted in Journal
on February 15, 2010