Getting Started

I've made things my whole life. When I was a kid, I built all sorts of stuff, from wooden keychains to 12-channel stage lighting controllers. So it shouldn't be surprising that, when I heard about the MakerBot Cupcake CNC from a friend last week, I was very interested. Then I read the article "The New Industrial Revolution" in January's wired. After a couple days of reading every MakerBot and RepRap blog I could find, I decided I had to get involved.

So I just ordered a CupCake CNC kit. If all goes well at MakerBot industries, I'll be getting my kit at the end of March. I can't wait.

In the meantime, I don't want to just sit around waiting and reading about what other people are making, so I also orderer an Arduino starter kit from Adafruit Industries. That way, I can go ahead and start learning about microcontroller programming.

I'd love to use the CupCake to make parts for Ardruino-powered robots. I'll chronicle the journey -- and the inevitable side-trips -- here.

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Posted in Making
on February 4, 2010