I'm going to need a place to tinker. I'm thinking my storage building will be just about perfect.

  • It's 10 feet by 12 feet, so I can stack all my boxes along one wall and have plenty of room left over.
  • It's close enough to the house I can run electricity over from the GFCI-protected exterior outlets.
  • I should have not problem getting wi-fi coverage from the routers in my living rooms.

It's going to take awhile to get the space ready to work. In the next feww weeks, I need to:

  • Clean and organize. I'll need to build or buy some shelves and move all the boxes that are spread out in a 2-3 foot tall maze into a more orderly configuration along the right wall.
  • I need to run the electricity out there. I've got a 50-foot box of 14-3 underground cable, and a GCFI-protected outlet close enough to use.
  • After I get electricity, I'll need lights. I'm thinking a few CFLs should do it.
  • Then I need to get my Shuttle PC set up. I already know where an extra 19" LCD and wall mount are, just need to track down a keyboard, mouse, and wifi adapter.
  • Oh yeah, I need to build or buy a workbench.
  • I desperately need to clean out and organize my tool chest and various tool bags. That'll probably take the better part of a Saturday.

Then we're good to go. By that time, the Arduino will have arrived and I can start working on the tutorial projects. I won't be surprised if I'm barely ready with the workshop by the time the CupCake ships.

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Posted in Making
on February 4, 2010