Working on my Workshop

I bought some shelves and a workbench Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out my storage building so I can also use it as a workshop.

I debated building the shelves and bench -- that would certainly be more in line with "maker philosophy," but the deciding factor was I'm not sure how much longer I'll be living in this location and have access to this storage building. It'll be easier to move the bought shelves, and they would work just as well in an apartment spare bedroom or garage.

I got a deal on a workbench on clearance at Sears. After looking at Home Depot and the current stock at sears, I was dissapointed. Most of the workbench offerings were way overkill - tons of drawers and shelves. The clearance item I found has three drawers, a big flat top, and a backwall with pegboard and an fluorescent light fixture. Best part, it was 40% off.

I hope to finish putting the workbench together tonight, then I'll post some before and after pictures of my workshop conversion.

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Posted in Making
on February 8, 2010