2010 April 29

My Makerbot came in and I got it built. The first three prints I attempted came out perfect, then it was nothing but trouble for a week. Last Sunday I got it working again... Read more

Homemade ECG

2010 March 25

So I live in New York now. Specifically, I'm in Brooklyn, at least for two months while I work on finding someplace permanent. It's exciting to be in a place where there is so much hacking/tinkering/making activity going on... Read more


2010 March 04

I haven't posted much recently for a simple reason - I've just accepted a new position and will be moving soon. Between the interviews and making preparations to move, I just haven't had the time to tinker or blog... Read more

Workshop done! Time to play.

2010 February 13

I finished up the electrical wiring in the workshop today. I buried a cable between here and the house, and installed overhead lights, four indoor outlets (one GFCI!), and an outdoor outlet... Read more

Working on my Workshop

2010 February 08

I bought some shelves and a workbench Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out my storage building so I can also use it as a workshop... Read more

Laptop Stand for VESA Monitor Mount

2010 February 05

A few months back I was setting up two three-lcd monitor arms. I had an extra "arm" left over, so I decided to try and build a laptop stand that would hover over my desk... Read more

Losing Sleep

2010 February 05

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking of neat ideas for things I can make with the Makerbot/Arduino combo... Read more


2010 February 04

I'm going to need a place to tinker. I'm thinking my storage building will be just about perfect... Read more

Getting Started

2010 February 04

I've made things my whole life. When I was a kid, I built all sorts of stuff, from wooden keychains to 12-channel stage lighting controllers. So it shouldn't be surprising that, when I heard about the MakerBot Cupcake CNC from a friend last week, I was very interested. Then I read the article "The New Industrial Revolution" in January's wired. After a couple days of reading every MakerBot and RepRap blog I could find, I decided I had to get involved... Read more