Tech Notes

Mac Apps

2010 March 04

I'm "moving out" of my Macs -- both the Mac Pro and the MacBook Pro -- at work, and I wanted to make notes about the software I have installed so when I get a new laptop... Read more

File Downloads with Django

2010 February 15

We recently added some reporting functions to an internal tool, including an export-to-excel feature powered by xlwt... Read more

Scratching an Itch

2010 January 16

Unless you've been under rock the last few months (or you just don't read technology blogs like I do...) you're probably aware that Apple is anticipated to make a big announcement later this month. If the rumors are right, they're going to release the long-awaited Tablet... Read more

The Unexpected

2009 April 28

I'm in Colorado all week working on a network and VoIP installation for my organization's new headquarters. They're moving in to a nice office suite, but we're pretty much doing the technology from the ground up. As with any project, getting all the pieces to fall into place at the right time can be a challenge. Here are some of the problems we've faced... Read more

Grading VoIP Call Quality

2009 April 14

We've been doing a lot of testing of our Voice-over-IP systems lately. We experiences some pretty horrendous voice quality in a series of high-profile conference calls last week, and are looking to ferret out the root causes and fix the problem... Read more

Recursive wget for FTPing a directory structure

2009 April 13

I know, I know - you don't use FTP anymore. You've been fully indoctrinated in the Way of Secure Sockets and would never use a protocol that passes your password in plaintext with such a flippant disregard for security. I'm with you... Read more